Knowing is half the battle.  ZeroFoodprint empowers chefs and restaurants by helping them understand the climate impact of various products, equipment, and methods. 


ZeroFoodprint works with restaurants to help them drive down their foodprint by taking actions on operational efficiency, ingredients, and carbon offsets.


We continually study the links between food and climate change, and freely distribute our findings, in order to arm the restaurant industry and diners with the best possible information.

Earth Day Celebration

Restaurants from around the world have joined our campaign for carbon neutral dining on Earth Day. Zero Foodprint restaurants have pledged to be carbon neutral every day. Together, we're creating a sustainable restaurant movement, but we need your input: 

As a diner, how much more would you be willing to pay for a carbon-neutral meal?

Join our Earth Day Campaign

April 22, 2017

Your pledge will offset your restaurant emissions on Earth Day
and support ZeroFoodprint's work

Last year our Earth Day campaign engaged 30 restaurants around the world. In addition to offsetting their carbon emissions on Earth Day, their contributions allowed us to improve our approach to understanding restaurant emissions and grow the number of restaurants joining ZeroFoodprint. 

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Restaurant Contact Name
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ZeroFoodprint Restaurants

ZeroFoodprint works with restaurants all over the world that are committed to fighting climate change. Here are the restaurants that have made the commitment to being ZeroFoodprint:

noma, Copenhagen

Mission Chinese Food, San Francisco

benu, San Francisco

Cassava, San Francisco

Pistolas y Corazon, Lisbon

Monsieur Benjamin, San Francisco

in situ, San Francisco

Here are some of the restaurants with which we are currently working towards becoming ZeroFoodprint:

The Perennial, San Francisco

Prime Meats, New York

Amass, Copenhagen

Frontera Grill, Chicago

Topolobampo, Chicago

Xoco, Chicago

Otto, New York

Casa Mono, New York

Tarry Lodge, New York

Beefsteak, Washington, DC

flour + water, San Francisco

central kitchen, San Francisco

Salumeria, San Francisco

Aatxe, San Francisco

Cafe du Nord, San Francisco

SHED, Healdsburg

Micklethwait Craft Meats, Austin

Namu Gaji, San Francisco

Statebird Provisions, San Francisco

The Progress, San Francisco

Sabio on Main, Pleasanton