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ZeroFoodprint believes that food is one of the keys to fighting climate change.  Beef has always been at the heart of the issue, and this comes with a slew of questions: how much does beef production contribute to climate change? Should we eat beef? Should we eat grass fed beef? What does that even mean?  Join us on September 14 to try to figure it out. 

Chris Ying, of Lucky Peach and ZeroFoodprint, will moderate a discussion between three leaders who spend a lot of time thinking about beef.  The panelists include:

  • Josh Skenes. Chef. 3 Michelin Stars. Lover of wild meat and delicious food. Not a fan of processed meat. 
  • John Wick. Co-Founder of The Marin Carbon Project. Head Rancher Nicasio Native Grass Ranch. Advocate of Carbon Farming.
  • David Lee. COO/CFO. Impossible Foods. Making meat without animals,  using 95% less land, 74% less water, and with 87% less greenhouse gas emissions. Oh, and without any hormones or antibiotics.


Photograph by Alex Maclean.