The Perennial: Designing with Climate in Mind

fireclay bar area.jpg

The Perennial is an unusual restaurant for ZeroFoodprint (ZFP), both in the sense that its founding team overlaps with ZFP’s own, but also insofar as it was founded with climate change in mind. Having gone through the ZFP process with their first restaurant, Mission Chinese Food, Anthony Myint and Karen Leibowitz got to thinking: how could all of this information, from energy efficiency to sustainable sourcing, be applied to a new restaurant? What if carbon neutrality were “baked in” from the very beginning? The Perennial opened in 2016, in a new LEED-certified building in San Francisco’s Mid-Market neighborhood, with the goal of leading the way toward “reversing climate change through food.” It has now acquired enough data to begin its Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Click here to read about The Perennial's findings.