Introducing Our Newest Members

This year, WE made a big push to expand the Zero Foodprint community, and the effort is paying off as we welcome a beautiful array of restaurants from all around the world:

Anthony talking up Healthy Soil at Bar Crenn (August 2019).

Anthony talking up Healthy Soil at Bar Crenn (August 2019).


We’ve been fans of Atelier Crenn ever since it opened nearly ten years ago, and in that time, we have always loved talking with Chef Dominique Crenn about food, farming, and the future. Recently, she was head of an international panel of chefs that selected our own Anthony Myint as the winner of this year’s Basque Culinary World Prize—and perhaps even more thrillingly, all of the chefs on the jury committed to joining Zero Foodprint. Not long afterward, the whole Crenn team (Atelier Crenn, Petit Crenn, Bar Crenn, and soon Boutique Crenn) gathered for an afternoon to talk about Zero Foodprint and food’s radical potential to solve the climate crisis. It is wonderful to have such allies in this work.

Handline is located in Sebastopol, California, where Zero Foodprint was lucky enough to hold a planning session on a gorgeous August day. Handline came through for us with an incredible lunch that fueled our conversation and imagination, and even jumped into the discussion for a bit as well. We’re looking forward to working with Handline more as we finalize the details of chef/farmer collaborations through our Restore California program, since they work so closely with the agricultural community of Sonoma County, CA.

Great Gold opened in San Francisco this summer and has joined Zero Foodprint through our 1% pathway, which does not require a life cycle assessment and which benefits our Restore California program. Great Gold is the latest restaurant from David Steele, who is also co-founder of ZFP members flour + water, Central Kitchen, and flour + water pizzeria — and a founding member of our advisory board. A small group of our earliest members gathered at Great Gold to share insights, plan for the future, and enjoy classic Italian dishes from Chef Brandon Kirksey.

Meanwhile, in South America:

We were pretty excited when Carmen Restaurante in Colombia joined in our Earth Day campaign, but we didn’t know that would lead to a series of conversations that has finally culminated in our first full member in South America. It has been a real pleasure working with Carmen Angel and her Inspiracion Gastronomica group to bring the Medillín location into Zero Foodprint. Hoping to visit someday….

and Portland, Oregon:

Farm Spirit is a vegan restaurant, so we were particularly interested to see the results of their life cycle assessment—and in fact, Farm Spirit clocked in with the lowest impact we’ve seen thus far! At most ZFP restaurants, ingredients account for about two-thirds of emissions at most ZFP restaurants, but for Farm Spirit, we saw only 30% of the impact stemming from ingredients. Definitely food for thought, and for enjoyment, at Farm Spirit.

Asparagus, Spruce, Filbert, Borage at Farm Spirit this summer.

Asparagus, Spruce, Filbert, Borage at Farm Spirit this summer.

We’re looking forward to telling you about SEVERAL more restaurants in the near future. Just a few more details to wrap up before we can officially welcome these folks (representing five US states and one European capital)