Bresca Takes a Bite Out of Climate Change

ZeroFoodprint believes that restaurants and diners can lead the fight against climate change. This week, Chef Ryan Ratino and his team at Bresca accepted the challenge to go carbon neutral by becoming our first member in Washington DC.

Ryan Ratino Headshot_Rey Lopez.jpg

“I am very excited to be part of this initiative,” says Ryan Ratino, Chef and owner of Bresca.  “I truly believe that the restaurant community can be a great advocate to reducing the climate impact of many of the products, equipment, and methods we use on a daily basis.  I am thrilled to work with my team in significantly lowering our carbon food print, reducing our food waste, and hopefully ignite conversations with industry colleagues that encourages them to take actions that can reduce our carbon impact.”

This year, ZeroFoodprint has been growing its community of chefs and restaurants, with new restaurants recently committing to analyzing their operations and going carbon neutral all year long: Atelier Crenn, Cala, Flour + Water, Lord Stanley, Mission Chinese New York, Metta, Namu Gaji, Petit Crenn, SHED, State Bird Provisions, The Progress, and now Bresca. These restaurants are prime examples of the ways that environmental stewardship can go hand in hand with high-quality cooking, warm hospitality, and strong business practices.

Check out what people are saying about Bresca, and their leadership on reducing carbon emissions!

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