For 364 days a year, the team at ZeroFoodprint enlists restaurants in the fight against climate change in a pretty relaxed but conscientious way. But for one day—Earth Day, April 22, 2016—we are going to be a little bit overbold and reach out to EVERY RESTAURANT ON EARTH to donate $1 per cover to offset the carbon footprints of their diners. 

Restaurants: To participate, please donate $1 for each diner who eats at your restaurant on April 22. It can be a line item on your POS that the diner opts into, or a cost that the restaurant internalizes for the day. Tweet at us if you're on board and we will amplify your pledge as much as possible! (please include a reservations link in your tweet). You can join the campaign even after Earth Day, by making a donation for $1 per diner and we will retire the carbon on your behalf and include you on the ZFP registry. 

A dollar is more than sufficient to offset all but the most over-the-top meals. 

Diners: You can offset your own dining emissions for Earth Day. Donate $1 (or whatever you can) and we'll tally the total emissions offset by diners for Earth Day. You can also support the effort by dining at one of our participating restaurants:

Aster (SF)

Atelier Crenn (SF)

Attica (Melbourne)

Bar Tartine (SF)

Boka (Chicago)

Botanic Gardens Restaurant (Adelaide)

Benu (SF, $5/diner)

Camino (Oakland)

Cassava (SF)

Commonwealth (SF)

Cosme (NYC)

Din (SF)

Flour + Water (SF)

Frankie's 457 (NYC)

Husk (Charleston)

Husk (Nashville)

Jardiniere (SF)

Kin Khao (SF)

McCrady's (Charleston)

Mission Cantina (NYC)

Mission Chinese Food (NYC)

Mission Chinese Food (SF)

Mister Jiu's (SF)

Monsieur Benjamin (SF)

Mourad (SF)

North (Providence)

Outerlands (SF)

The Perennial (SF)

Petit Crenn (SF)

Pujol (Mexico City)

State Bird Provisions (SF)

The Progress (SF)

Thank you! Let's make a difference!

Team ZFP