Carbon Foodprint Calculator

Click anywhere to start. But we ask that you read this explanation before you begin. This is a simple tool developed by Zero Foodprint in conjunction with Small World Consulting that allows chefs, cooks and diners to better understand the carbon footprint of different kinds of CONVENTIONAL ingredients. Organic and regeneratively produced ingredients have a lower carbon footprint, or can even be carbon negative (taking greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere) but there is presently very little data, and it is both very specific and highly variable across farming practices. 

This calculator is not exact. It merely provides a broad understanding of the differences in orders of magnitude of the impact that varying ingredients and modes of transport have.

The data was collected by Small World as part of a UK based study and has been calibrated for a US market. There will necessarily be differences based on what part of the world you live in, to say the least. In reality, the footprint of an ingredient will vary considerably based on farming practice, terroir, or maybe from plant to plant within in the same crop. The purpose of us providing this data is not to focus on the exact difference between the impact of apples and oranges, but rather to compare apples to ribeye steaks, or perhaps even pork chops to ribeye steaks. Knowing is half the battle.

To Use

You could use the Foodprint Calculator to determine the foodprint of a single recipe, an entire menu or a year's supply of ice cream.

Simply start typing the name of an ingredient to select from a list of suggestions from within the database. Alternately, choose your ingredient from the categories provided. More specific choices will be presented wherever the data set permits. Sorry, the list is not exhaustive but you can use your judgement on substituting a comparable ingredient.

Next, specify the amount of the ingredient and the mode of transport. Your ingredient will be added to your list where we keep a running total of the carbon footprint. You can always click the edit button to change the details for specific ingredients