It would be easy to assume that dining out is bad for the environment. But our findings say otherwise. ZeroFoodprint works continuously to study and spread the word about the connection between food and climate change, empowering restaurants and diners to make informed food choices.

For many people, the food they eat is their most direct connection to the environment, as well as one of the most significant ways in which they’ll experience climate change. Food is one of society's key sensitivities to climate. A year of not enough or too much rainfall, or a poorly timed heat wave or freeze can have a significant effect on local crop yields and livestock production. And while food is both a cause and victim of changing climate, it can also be a solution. 

We hope that the ZeroFoodprint logo initiates conversations and questions in restaurants around the world, promoting broad understanding that our food production systems creates 30 percent of global greenhouse-gas emissions.



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